Upper Peninsula, Michigan


It’s Springtime, and, the older I get it never fails. “Oh this Black Dog!”

“Black dog is a comin'” “Here he comes… Black dog!” They say it’s an apparition. I say that’s bullshit. Black dog is alive and well!

Although he sets no arrival date, or dares to give me warning, that little bastard comes – and comes at full boar. It’s always the same time of the year too with this guy. Pickin’ on me from December through March, he comes. Well guess what? It’s early Spring, and my constitution is bouncing back. I’m chasing his ass out of here – I say to baby mamma. “Black dog is leaving, I’m ready to play now…” and this is the time when you see that little sparkle in her eye, when she realizes I’m back, back for at least another eight months.

“How-bouts we go to those caves I was telling you about in Kentucky?” “Poke around in there” “Na”… she says “Not
doing caves” I’m like “Why not?” “Caves are cool, Kentucky is cool!” She’s says “Upper Peninsula” “Now why the hell would I want to go there, Black dog went that way, it’s cold right now!”

Yup, we went to the UP.

And to be honest… I’m really glad we did. I’ve never been there before. It’s glear gin waters, just magnificent!

From – Pentwater ( with an easy 3 inches of rain in the RV, not cool) to Empire (thank you Empire for the beautiful swim with my Ry) over to Sleeping Bear Dunes (even though you never knew I was there and I totally creeped on you, girl with the blue hair and pretty dress, thanks for the photo op!) up to Glen Arbor (next time Crystal River) across to Traverse City (Sweet) and up a little more to Charlevoix (you’ve got some kind of creativity home owner dude, down there in the town harbor: I mean a boat house in your house ?) Mackinac Island ( love you, but you and your 6 dollar ice cream cone are too touristy for me) north ol’ norh to Munising ( poor souls… the Black dog must bite your ass good in the winter!) Pictured Rocks (for sure to impress, and that lone paddle boarder, you go!) with a stop to Grand Marais (thanks Grand Marais Outfitters in ganging up with my 4 year old, the Ry, swindling me into purchasing that pretty little purse. FYI – she’s loving it, stuffs lots of useless crap in it )

Yup, UP – we’ll be back!

David Troy