Episcopal High School


Early morning light is special. It’s quiet and thought provoking. As I walked the hill towards the admissions office I couldn’t help to notice how serene this place really was, and the odd thing, it’s 140 acres, smack in the middle Alexandria, Virginia, just a mere 7 miles from the White House.

Throughout the day, I also couldn’t help to notice something special, something a bit different between the faculty and students. Since Episcopal High is strictly a boarding school, it was a beautiful sight to walk around and experience those very teenagers, whom just hours earlier, were being mentored by the adults, who’s children they now play with. Yes… nearly all of the 68 faculty live right on campus with these kids!

As a father, It astonishes me to think of the personal sacrifices and decisions parents make for their children, in this case, sending them away, away from them – away to be cared for and championed by others for the greater good of education.

David Troy