It's not easy leaving yourself exposed to others, giving up your thoughts, feelings and aspirations. It's also not so easily done to share your failures, fears, and dreams, as well as one's likes, or dislikes.  It's a risk.  It's our intentional interaction with uncertainty, and for all the days that I can remember I very much like to be in that space.  If you want to listen, I'll tell you who I am, I'll let you know my fears and will share with you my failures. For the work I do with people, I want you to know that the basis for the pictures I make are not, although important, about some great location or given composition, but first, rather a need for connection, as those relationships build trust and give us a sense of belonging.  It's my interest in people that have helped cultivate my style of work, to hold it true. If you have worked with me before then you are familiar with my quirky ways and no bullshit attitude, combined with the fervor of excitement on any given project.  Just living, being conscious of my surroundings and doing my best to be mindful are really the motivating factors to my personal creativity.




I didn't ask her to sit that way, she was.   I didn't ask her to turn her head and look back, she just did.   

Mennonite Girl Cutting Wildflowers For Her Grandmother's Weekly Market


It's deep-rooted.  Observing things that others might overlook, and I don't believe sensitivity to be a weakness as it is often portrayed.  Observe carefully.  Imagine.  Dream.  Create.  It's the foundation upon which you experience the world.

Cheerleaders Gathering Before The Start Of Practice


While working I look for form, as in this picture.  Not just was it the moment that presented itself, but also the other elements: color, dimension, shape, etc...  It's the way she curves over towards her friends.