It's not easy to expose yourself to others and reveal your innermost thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and even your failures and fears. It's an intentional interaction with uncertainty, and I like it—I always have. Those special photographic moments are on the edge of the conversations. It all ties in. Although location and composition are important, the basis of for the pictures I take of people is not about those but rather a need for connection. This builds trust and creates a sense of belonging. In many ways the moment is recorded as though I was never there, or if I was present, I was engaged with that person like a longtime friend. My interest in people helped cultivate my style of work, and my quirky ways, combined with the fervor of excitement and watchful eye, always benefit in bringing the picture home. My consciousness of my surroundings, and my efforts to be mindful shape my personal creativity.




I didn't ask her to sit that way; she already was.   I didn't ask her to turn her head and look back; she just did.   

Mennonite Girl Cutting Wildflowers For Her Grandmother's Weekly Market


Observing things that others might overlook is deeply rooted. I don't believe sensitivity to be a weakness, as it is often portrayed. Observe carefully. Dream. Create. It's the foundation upon which you experience the world.

Cheerleaders Gathering Before The Start Of Practice


While working, I look for form, as in this picture. It's not only about the moment that was transpiring but also about other elements: color, dimension, and shape. For me, it's the way she the way she curves toward her friends.