I often work alongside production crews and directors working on TV broadcast commercials and branded content for the internet. Working alongside such large crews requires the ability to adapt quickly, to be highly flexible, and, most importantly, to work under serious, ever-changing time constraints. For example, in the last two years of working this way I have an average of 10 to 15 minutes to shoot the print ad. I do not become agitated easily when the schedule gets squeezed at the last second, as it always has a way of working out. My light footprint and the ability to adapt make me an ideal candidate for this type of work.


camps airy and louise

For me, growing up on a farm by a lake had many advantages, and so do summer camps! Lifelong memories are made here, amid laughter, those everlasting summer night, and the chirping the crickets, where bonds are built and forever friends are made. This was a true gem of a project, and I was grateful to be a part of it.



Nursing is the glue that holds a patients’ healthcare journey together. Across the entire patient experience, whenever there is someone in need of care, nurses work tirelessly to identify and protect the needs of the individual. Beyond the time-homered reputation for compassion and dedication lies a highly specialized profession, which is constantly evolving to address the needs of society. From ensuring the most accurate diagnoses to the ongoing education of the public about critical health issues, nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health.


penn medicine

It is the remarkable stories of patients’ determination and endurance, as well as the people that dedicate their lives to helping them, that inspired me to focus my commercial work into the healthcare category. I find it so fascinating and so worthwhile!


lehigh valley health network


northwestern medicine


Employing the use of multimedia, this was my first time directing four TV sports. Northwestern Medicine launched an ad campaign call “Breakthroughs” highlighting four individual patients, along with their families, to illustrate real-life stories about the medical breakthroughs Northwestern has brought to those facing chronic, debilitating, and often life-threatening illnesses. The philosophy behind this project was that real-life stories make for more intriguing and inviting ideas than fiction. Real-life medical breakthroughs are far more interesting, quirky and provocative then anything that could be made up, as the breakthrough is reflected in the patients’ lives.



Another category in which I am heavily involved in is education, as it has all the ingredients of emerging adulthood. It is a time in life where vision meets reality, both the good and the bad. It is the beginning of a journey—one that is met with exploration and as well as with doubt. It is a place of solid ground for mentorship and positive influences. It’s a special place and a special time.


gorham savings bank

Much of my work utilizes “real people”, as was done here for Gorham Savings Bank, instead of cast or auditioned talent from talent agencies. I think every business can really aid in having an individual face. What better way to present your brand than by showing people who actually use your products?


villanova university viewbooks

Viewbook work for the Wildcats! Super fun stuff!!



Lively and very enjoyable library asset building for this wonderful, private boarding school located in Alexandria, Virginia. It is more than 175 years old!



Kept it loose for this web redesign.



As a Quaker School, Sandy Spring Friends reflects its commitment to the Quaker values of simplicity, equality, honesty, respect, peaceful resolution of conflict and community involvement. Their motto is “Let Your Lives Speak”


washington post magazine

This was an insightful piece for a feature story. It was your first time as a visitor to the nation’s capital. What was it like, and what did you learn? What thoughts will you take with “you” from this brilliant and history-laden city?


mini cooper

Just some good ol’ fun at the annual gathering for MINI's on the Dragon in Robbinsville, North Carolina. This annual event is in part named after the legendary section of US 129 known as “The Dragon”. It presents 318 turns over 11 miles.



Once again, working with actual patients instead of hired talent, for this unique automated drug delivery platform for diabetics.